29 March 1861

Dedham [Massachusetts]
March 29th 1861

Dear friend,

I now seat myself to write you a few lines to let you know where I am after so long an absence. I am here in Dedham at work. I left home last Monday morning. You must excuse me for not writing before for you know very well that I always like to write to you but I did not know where I was going to stop.

I am at work for the same men that I worked for last year. I am about 10 miles beyond Boston. Business is very dull and I don’t believe if I had not got work where I was acquainted that I could not got anything to do this some time yet. The men that I work for live in Roxbury and their work in generally in Boston. I have to work for small pay. I only get $8 per week and it takes about one half of that to board me but I think that is better than nothing. There is any number of men here that has not anything to do but I think business will be better by and by.

Lydia, I shall endeavor to be more punctual in future in answer your letters, but then I don’t think you will have to wait so long now for an answer as I have before now, do you? I am very lonesome tonight and I was very glad that I had your letter to answer for I don’t know of anything that I could pass the time so pleasant.

Lydia, in your last letter you spoke about religion as though it was something you thought was very disagreeable to me but I can assure you, it is not. I think true religion is the greatest blessing anyone can enjoy, but then of course I don’t know anything about it myself. But I should think if anyone could look forwards to endless happiness, without a doubt it must be very pleasant indeed. I should suppose all other pleasure would be as nothing compared with it.

I guess I must close now as it is getting to be about ten o’clock. But I don’t suppose that I should think that was late if I was with you.

Please to write again as soon as you receive this and let me know how your health is. Be sure and take good care of your health this weather for when I see you again, I hope to find you in good health. I must close now by bidding you good night and wishing you pleasant dreams.

Yours truly, — S. M. Bragdon

Please direct your letter to Dedham, Mass.

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