30 June 1861

Camp Massachusetts
Alexandria, Virginia
June 30, 1861

Friend Lydia,

I now seat myself to answer your kind [letter] which I received last Wednesday and was very glad to hear from you and hear that you was well. I am well and I hope that this will find you still enjoying the same blessing. I should have answered your letter sooner but I wrote the day before I received it to you and I thought I would wait for I thought you would not like to get two at a time.

Lydia, we have not moved our camp yet as you will see by the date of this letter but I think we shall before long as our Captain told us last night to keep our htings all picked up ready to march at any time or moment, but where we are going to, we don’t know of course.

Last night the picket guard of the Pennsylvania 5th Regiment—which is encamped by the side of us—was attacked and one man was killed and another wounded but they killed one of the secessionists and took five prisoners which was not very bad I don’t think after all. Lydia, things look as though we should return home before long. If we stay our time out, it will only be one month more and perhaps we may go back in less than two weeks. One of our officers told me today that he thought likely that we should go before the middle of July there.

I am detailed to go on guard tonight. I will finish it in the morning.

Monday, July 1st.  Just got in from off guard. I did not see anything to get alarmed at myself. I must close now as it is about time for the mail to go. I am ashamed to send this for I think it is the worst-looking letter that I ever wrote but you must excuse it. I will try and do better next time. Please to write as soon as you receive this.

Yours most truly, — S. M. Bragdon

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