15 March 1862

Hilton Head, South Carolina
March 15th 1862

My dear Sister,

I now seat myself to answer your kind letter that I received today with pleasure. I received that bag with all in it that you sent. I was glad to get something from home and to hear that you was all well. Your letter found me well and rugged and I hope that this will find you the same. The bread id good, I tell you. Not because I was hungry but because it came from home for I get enough to eat out here and it is good, healthy food so do not worry about me for I am [more] rugged than I was at home, I think.

You wanted me to tell you if I had heard from Father. I have had a letter from him. He was well and he was in Hatteras, North Carolina. I answered his letter with pleasure. I believe he asked after you all. He said he had heard from you.

I wrote to you the 14th or 15th of last month and sent forty dollars by Express at the same time. We ought to be paid off again soon for it was due the first of this month. I wrote two letters to you when I wrote. Tell me all about them. I will try and do as you tell me about saving my money for I see the need of saving all I can for you know that there is some debts to pay on Father’s land.

I still put my trust in God. He still owns me. His work is going onward, I feel to put all of my trust in God. I live for Christ while you live. Give my love to Mother, Tell her that her son still loves her and prays for her. I ask an interest in both of your prayers.

We have not had any snow but once and then there was not enough to be seen on a paper—only but a few spits. That was the seventh of this month and it was the coldest weather that we have had at all. The tent shakes so that I cannot write today for it is very windy. Tell me how Uncle Daniel Hills’ folks are getting along. Excuse this scribbling. Direct your letter thus.

Mr. Stephen F. Downs
Port Royal, S. C.
3rd Regt. N. H. V., Co. K

You had not time to get my other letters. Answer them all from your brother, Stephen F. Downs

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