16 April 1862

North Edisto, South Carolina
April 16th 1862

My dear sister,

I now seat myself to answer your kind letter that I just received. Yours found me well and rugged. You may guess whether I was glad to hear from you or not for I have not heard from you for a good while. I was very sorry to hear that you was sick. I hope that this will find you well and rugged.

You spoke of your paying William Wicker. I am glad that you have paid him. You spoke of my keeping my money and you thought that I had not better have anything to do with that debt. I was afraid that Nemiah Drew would foreclose the mortgage but still I am willing to hear to you and Mother. You said that Mother was well. I am very glad. I hope that she will continue the same. Tell her not to worry about me for I still put my trust in my God and that I mean to meet her in heaven if not on earth.

I want you to write your letters with ink for pencil does not stay plain. If you have not got ink and paper, take some of my money and buy some for I like to have good plain letters and take time and write a good long letter. I have been paid off and sent home twenty-six dollars. Tell Charles Foss that I received a letter from hime and have answered it.

You spoke of you and Millet getting sap and making molasses and sugar. I am very glad that you do get along so well.

I told you in my other letter about our move. We hear that we are a going to move again soon. I hope that we shall move towards home soon. I have not heard from Father but once. Tell me all of the news. I don’t know of much more to write this time. I received some thread and some yarn. I must close by bidding you goodbye. Direct your letters as usual.

From your brother, — Stephen F. Downs

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