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23 March 1864

Hilton Head, South Carolina
Wednesday evening, March 23, 1864

Dear Mother,

It is with pleasure that I now seat myself to let you know how I am. I am well and pretty rugged at present. I received a letter from Lydia today. She said that you was afraid that I should reenlist. You need not fear or worry. I never [would do] that while I have my senses. Ten thousand dollars would be no temptation at all so rest at ease. I have not only five months from tomorrow to serve.

I have been paid off for four months and they paid me twenty-eight dollars clothing money that there was due me. So I am going to send eighty or eighty-five dollars either by Express or a check on some bank. If I send a check, it will be in Manchester Bank so you can pay 25 cents and have the money sent to you. Why I do so is because I do not have to pay but two cents to send the check so it saves me somewhere about 1.25. I think that is worthwhile, don’t you? I am a going to send a little box of jewelry by mail I guess soon. Let me [know] when you get it there. I cannot think of much more.

Lydia says her Bobby is rather cross. I wish I could see the little thing but then I must wait in patience until deliverance comes. You know too the story that you used to tell us when we used to be fretty.

There, Mother, I have written you a long letter. Tell to me what you think about Nathan staying there this summer. Goodbye for now. Oh Mother, don’t forget to pray for me and I will try with God’s help to pray for you and myself too. Goodnight Mother.

From your own son, — Stephen F. Downs

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